Admissions Consultations

November 2020

As per statutory duty, the Kite Academy Trust will be conducting a consultation on proposed changes to its admissions arrangements for all its academies for the academic year 2022/23.  The consultation period runs from Monday 23rd November 2020 until Monday 11th January 2021. 

The changes being proposed are:
1. Removal of priority for children who have the academy as their 'nearest school'
It is proposed to remove the criterion (Note 5 in our current Admissions Arrangements) in accordance with determination ADA3589 by the Office of the Schools’ Adjudicator where ‘nearest school’ was adjudged to be potentially confusing for parents. It is not believed that the removal of this criterion would disadvantage any child in their application for a place within the Kite Academy Trust.

2. Clarification of ‘Any other children’
It is proposed to add Note 7 to provide clarity of the criterion ‘Any other children’. Under this criterion, remaining places are allocated on the basis of closest proximity of the child’s home address to the academy. The distance is measured in a straight line from the address point of the child’s address, as set by Ordnance Survey, to the nearest official academy gate for pupils to use. This is calculated using the Local Authority Admissions Service’s Geographical Information System. 

3. Priority given to children currently attending an infant provision within the Kite Academy Trust
It is proposed that, following priority given to siblings (Note 4 in our current Admissions Arrangements), priority will be given to applications for Year 3 entry to a primary academy for children who attend an infant academy within the Kite Academy Trust in Year 2. It will not be applied once a child has left.
If there are more applications than places available, priority will be offered to children who meet this criterion on the basis of closest proximity of the child’s home address to the academy.

The proposed full admissions arrangements can be found here.

The Kite Academy Trust, as the admissions authority, is seeking views on these proposed changes to its admission arrangements. Views on the proposed arrangements should be sent for the attention of the Executive Team by email to or by post to the Central Office.

After the closing date, responses will be collated and considered by the Executive Team and a recommendation made to the Trust Board as to whether to proceed with the proposed changes. This recommendation and the responses received will be reviewed by the Trust Board at their meeting on 9th February 2021. A decision will be ratified and Admission Arrangements for 2022/23 determined at this meeting. Once determined, the final Admission Arrangements will be published on the Trust’s website by 28th February 2021. 



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